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Dog Pooper Scooper

 Rake & Tray


  • 🐶 UNLIKE POORLY CONSTRUCTED DOG POOP SCOOPERS made of LOW-QUALITY MATERIALS – which quickly leads to LOOSE HANDLES and PIECES BREAKING OFF – the LUVKO Family Dog Pooper Scooper Rake and Tray Set is made of durable, PREMIUM-GRADE PARTS. Our lightweight Pooper Tray and Rake are made of sturdy, RUST-PROOF STAINLESS STEEL with an environmentally friendly, electrostatic NONSTICK coating to help
    prevent buildup. Our stainless steel handles, ANTI-SLIP HAND GRIPS make scooping quicker and easier!

    PROPERLY, coming apart and SPINNING around while you’re just trying to get the job done, our pooper scoop features upgraded INTERLOCKING SPRING BUTTONS that keep handles LOCKED IN PLACE and nip spinning in the bud. Our dog scoop tray and pooper scooper rake each have 3 detachable, easy-lock handle segments to make scooping easier for VARIOUS HEIGHTS – so with supervision, the kids can help out, too! Simply disassemble for SPACE-SAVING storage!

  • 🐶 MADE FOR ALL TERRAINS: GRASS, CEMENT, ROCKS, DIRT or SAND! Instead of going through endless plastic bags, simply use our long-lasting dog waste scooper and REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT! BACK SAVER, No more BENDING OVER to pick up doggy doo – our height-adjustable popper the scooper together as one unit, and all parts can be disassembled and folded up in a paper box, perfect for compact storage and travel. The smooth surface of the scoop and rake can easily be cleaned by a garden hose. scooper for dogs tray and rake both extend to just over 3 feet tall. Ideal for small to medium dogs, this dog pooper scooper for grass is easy to HOSE OFF, with a rust-proof finish and handle eyelets to MAKE STORAGE A CINCH.

  • 🐶 DOGGIE BAG DISPENSER INCLUDED! Along with your dog poop scooper for grass and pooper scooper for small dog, you’ll receive an adorable clip-on DOGGIE BAG DISPENSER, doggie bag roll, and 5 extra ANTI-SLIP SLEEVES to keep hands fully protected while scooping. NO MORE SPLINTERY WOODEN HANDLES! Our poopee scoopers for dogs and metal
    pooper scooper with bag is designed to make cleanup EASY, BREEZY, and QUICK! Take our lightweight set with you on CAMPING and ROAD TRIPS!

  • 🐶 AT LUVKO, WE UNDERSTAND THE LOVE, CARE, and COMMITMENT pet parents give to their FURRY FAMILY. As a FAMILY-RUN BUSINESS, we’re pet lovers ourselves and know the importance of high-quality, HIGH-FUNCTIONING dog accessories that help make pet parenting easier – so you can spend more time playing with Rover! For every spotty metal tray with rake we sell, we DONATE 5% of sale to Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care. 

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